A PoC of Kosmorro, before Kosmorro became cool.
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Ephemeris Calculator

This is a very, very, VERY early version of Kosmorro, at a time when it was still a PoC and didn’t got this cool name. It is stored here for the prosperity.

Disclaimer: this version is not supported. I cannot be responsible if the code in this repository contains bugs, is inefficient, kills your kitty or just doesn’t run at all. I didn’t really know what I was doing.


If you really want to make fun with this weird code, here are the theorical instructions to run it. I didn’t test it myself, I’m too afraid of it.


  • Python 3.6.2 or more recent
  • PIP
  • Pipenv

Clone this repository and run pipenv install.

Running the project

Invoke the following command:

$ pipenv run python main.py