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Kosmorro is a program that calculates your astronomical ephemerides.


Installing Kosmorro is documented on the official website. Just select your operating system and follow the instructions!

Development environment

To contribute to Kosmorrolib, you will need Poetry, a software to manage the project from development to publishing.

Clone this repository and run poetry install to install the dependencies. And that’s all, your development environment is ready!

To run Kosmorro, invoke poetry run kosmorro. For comfort, you may also want to invoke poetry shell, which will expose the kosmorro command directly.

Using Kosmorro

Using Kosmorro is as simple as invoking kosmorro in your terminal!

By default, it will give you the current Moon phase and, if any, the events that will occur today.

Kosmorro has a lot of available options to get exactly what you want, including the possibility to get planets rise and set. To get a list of them, run kosmorro --help, or read its manual with man kosmorro. You can also find usage examples in the tldr manual with tldr kosmorro.

Help translating Kosmorro!

Kosmorro is translated on Weblate, a popular free platform for crowd-sourced internationalization. If you speak a language that is not supported yet, feel free to contribute!

Translation state per language