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  Adrien 4f99275d0a 💚: deploy test branch 3 years ago
  Adrien 8182ce97dd 💄:: make timers bigger 3 years ago
  Adrien c32061f81f 🍱: add maps backgrounds 3 years ago
  Adrien f3e7c92c7d 🚧: init new backgrounds 3 years ago
  Adrien d0c4febf87 🚚: move files for VueJS good practices compliance 3 years ago
  Adrien 2d75ad4457 ⬆️: update to node 14 3 years ago
  Adrien eeb5fa431b 💄: hide header on battleground page 3 years ago
  Adrien 13d8e7789c 🔨: add sass global variables file 3 years ago
  Adrien cfadadac5f 🔥: remove useless nginx config 3 years ago
  Adrien 70077f1faf 💚: fix docker not stopping containers 3 years ago
  Adrien a7f468888b 🐛: fix timer drop to negative if reset time is 0 3 years ago
  Adrien 04637fdd91 🔨: Make Dockerfile compatible with older Docker versions 3 years ago
  Adrien 04bba9a448 ✏️: change title + fix objective name 3 years ago
  Adrien cd8b74e1b0 : add timer reset on touch 3 years ago
  Adrien 38135f1db3 : add vue-long-click 3 years ago
  Adrien 7201f4a40e 🔨: optimizing docker dev image 3 years ago
  Adrien 63e0cf5879 : Add (almost) all objectives and maps infos 3 years ago
  Adrien fb7ec8c2d9 🔧: complete siege and bruiser camps in game infos 3 years ago
  Adrien ee81d29fce 🚧: add objectives informations and style 3 years ago
  Adrien dc3650cbc9 CI: update labels 3 years ago
  Adrien 065be12369 feat : update game informations 3 years ago
  Adrien c70504d09a feat (objective) : create objective component 4 years ago
  Adrien 0c2ff3f4e4 🎉: add gitmoji badge 3 years ago
  Adrien 45432cf1d7 Update 'README.md' 4 years ago
  Adrien cb71f31754 Update 'README.md' 4 years ago
  Adrien 19eee69906 feat : add CI + update Dockerfile 4 years ago
  Adrien 66adaa8926 feat : create timer component 4 years ago
  Adrien 7a3bfd32fb update env dependencies and Docker build 4 years ago
  Adrien 423459f0f7 Correctif css non scopé + tracking paramètre route battleground 4 years ago
  Adrien 8d7a870510 Externalize maps infos + create map component 4 years ago
  Adrien f92222cc1e functionnal doker 4 years ago
  Adrien e934669ded functionnal env with styling 4 years ago
  AGEZ Adrien 25abb64fb5 Function sass 4 years ago
  Adrien efa55dbf0b Router ok + try to add i18n 4 years ago
  Adrien faba6c9da1 First component (test) 4 years ago
  Adrien 19bd22036c Initialization 4 years ago